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Back in the day, soap in the UK was always made from animal fats, not vegetable oils.  We have added lye solution and poured the mixture into moulds to cure into good honest Beef Tallow Soap, just like your great-grandmother would have known, and possibly even made. Beef Tallow Soap stays firm, feels gentle on the skin and has just enough lovely lather.

Some people react to the chemicals in shop-bought soap.  Well, there are no additives or chemical perfumes in our Beef Tallow Soap at all, just the two basic ingredients, beef fat and lye solution, plus natural colours and essential oils in our fragrance soaps.

Choose from 45g square, 90g oblong or 90g flowers.  (That’s 1.6oz or 3.2oz in old money!)  For flower shapes, specify Chrysanthemum, Dahlia or Rose if you wish and we shall do our best to oblige – but no guarantees.

(Look in the list for Mature Natural Flower Soaps.  They have aged and lost some weight through evaporation. There is a likelyhood that some of these mature soaps are misshaped (seconds)  Same soap, less money!). Waste not. Want not.

NB: NOT vegan. Definitely not vegan.  Just totally sustainable and eco-friendly.  We guarantee our soaps are never, ever, tested on animals.

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This is frankly the most sustainable, waste-free, natural, affordable soap you can possibly buy.

Ingredients: Tallow, Water, Lye, plus:
In the fragrance soaps: Addition of Essential Oils (EO) and Natural Colours:
Bergamot Soap: Bergamot EO, Cedarwood EO, Colour: Annatto
Lavender Soap: Lavender EO, Cedarwood EO, Colour: Indigo
Lemon Soap: Lemon Eucalyptus EO, Lemon EO, Cedarwood EO, Colour: Annatto, Chlorophyllin
Peppermint Soap: Peppermint EO, Lemongrass EO, Cedarwood EO, Colour: Chlorophyllin, Annatto
Vanilla Soap: Vanilla Fragrance Oil, Benzoin EO, no colour – darkens naturally.
Coffee Soap: Fine coffee grounds.
(Expect coffee soap to break up a bit as it wears down.)

Packaging: cellophane, to keep your soap visible, fresh and free of fingerprints!
CPSR Number: NB-SG-0322-01CPSO

Nefertem Naturals list ‘5 Reasons to Use Tallow on Your Skin’.  Among them:

‘Tallow contains the same fats or lipids found in healthy, supple human skin. … Beef tallow, rendered from grass-fed cattle, is loaded with vitamins A, D; K and antioxidants. One of which is vitamin E, known to promote rejuvenation of the skin by fighting free radicals that can cause wrinkles.’

US-based Miriam’s Inspired Skin Care use beef tallow in their high-end products. Miriam says: ‘Importantly, tallow must be derived from grass-fed animals for it to have beneficial properties for skin’s health.’

That’s just what our ex-suckler cows have been fed on throughout their lives, grass and grass-derived silage.  Furthermore, our cold process ensures the tallow properties are retained. So try our soap, think of the good it is doing to your skin and the planet. We haven’t had to import olive oil from the Med to make it, let alone cut down a rainforest and transport palm oil halfway round the world. Go for natural or try our essential oil fragrances.

Going back into history, animal fats were the basic natural ingredient of soaps the world over.  Pork fat was the cheapest, with beef tallow a step up.  In the US, one of the marks of ‘homesteaders’ is making their own soap.  We shall soon be offering courses on making soap from animal fats, so feel free to express an interest by phone or email now.

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90g Natural Flower, 90g Natural Oblong, 45g Natural Square, 85g Mature Natural Flower, 85g Mature Natural Oblong, 90g Coffee Flower, 90g Coffee Oblong, 45g Coffee Square, 90g Vanilla Flower, 90g Vanilla Oblong, 45g Vanilla Square, 90g Bergamot Flower, 90g Bergamot Oblong, 45g Bergamot Square, 90g Lavender Flower, 90g Lavender Oblong, 45g Lavender Square, 90g Peppermint Flower, 90g Peppermint Oblong, 45g Peppermint Square, 90g Lemon Flower, 90g Lemon Oblong, 45g Lemon Square

11 reviews for Beef Tallow Soap

  1. Jacqueline Curtis (verified owner)

    Hello Gret Alders. Are you going to produce more lavender and vanilla bars soon? I Hope so as they are absolutely fantastic.

    • admin (store manager)

      Thanks, Jacqueline. That’s really appreciated. We are lambing right now but Judy is aiming to produce both. Lavender will be in a day or so’s time. The vanilla is very demanding as it sets incredibly fast, leaving little working time. Both need 4 weeks to cure after that!

  2. Peter (verified owner)

    Having now used both the lavender and lemon fragrance soaps I find the scent so minimal that it’s almost undetectable, however the smell of the tallow is detectable. Theses soaps create a lovely lather, and I’ve even shaved my face with them irritation free and with reasonable ‘cushioning’ of the razor against the skin. After bathing or shaving the initial tallow smell disappears leaving a silk-like beautifully moisturized skin texture. -A great product

    • Judy Green (store manager)

      Thank you for your feedback which we really appreciate. The lemon fragrance is usually quite a light note and seems to disappear fast. The Lavender scent is usually stronger and lasts longer so will look into it again. Thanks again.

  3. Jessica (verified owner)

    I normally go for the unscented, but there wasn’t any in stock the day I ordered so I tried the peppermint instead — I am in love! Will definitely get the peppermint again next time!

    • Judy Green (store manager)

      Thank you for your lovely comment. We appreciate it and glad to hear you love the peppermint soap.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good products and prompt delivery

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very helpful advice and efficient delivery 🙂

  6. Thomas DuBose (verified owner)

    The soap is very effective and does not leave a residue on the skin! I have never used tallow soap before, but was very pleased, the fragrance was not over powering, but pleasant and the feeling refreshing after the shower! Great soap, it compliments all of the other great products from Grey Alders!

  7. Jessica (verified owner)

    BEST SOAP EVER! If you have sensitive skin, this is the way to go — it moisturises and doesn’t irritate or smell too strong. I’ve been unable to find anything better.

  8. Anne Ormson (verified owner)

    Sabon wych! Hollol naturiol.
    Such a natural product. I rarely need to use hand and body lotion as it is so gentle and soothing.

  9. Jacqueline Curtis

    This is by far the best soap I have ever used. After 1 months if use, I don’t need skin cream as skin is soft and feels moisturised. I only wish it was made in bigger bars. Lavender and vanilla scents are incredible.

    • Judy Green (store manager)

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. We are glad to hear of the amazing results.

  10. Jaroslaw Nieweglowski (verified owner)

  11. Ingrid Mae (verified owner)

    I love this soap so much and highly recommend it to those with sensitive skin. So grateful I found it on my visit to Wales and glad I held on to thier flyers. Thank you so much. Will definitely keep on purchasing this product. 😊

    • Judy Green (store manager)

      Thank you for your lovely comment. We really appreciate.

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