Welsh Farmers are Revolting!


Carmarthen Mart Farmers' Meeting 8th February 2024

Carmarthen Mart Farmers’ Meeting 8th February 2024

We joined other farmers at Carmarthen Mart last night (Thursday 8th February 2004) in open revolt against Welsh Assembly plans to force us turn 10% of our farms over to growing trees and set aside another 10% for wildlife!

This is madness. It will impact on jobs and on the amount of food we can all produce. And it’s all in the name of this unattainable ‘net zero’.

We don’t want a ‘just transition’ to a net zero future. We want no ‘transition’ at all! Food security and jobs are more important than any politician’s vanity project.

Hoping to see our friends and customers at Capel Dewi (Old School SA32 8AD) tomorrow 10th February 2024 and in Llanelli (SA15 3YB) on 17th Feb.


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