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Welsh Farmers are Revolting!

Carmarthen Mart Farmers Meeting 8th February 2024

Carmarthen Mart Farmers Meeting 8th February 2024

We joined other farmers at Carmarthen Mart last night (Thursday 8th February 2004) in open revolt against Welsh Assembly plans to force us turn 10% of our farms over to growing trees and set aside another 10% for wildlife!

This is madness. It will impact on jobs and on the amount of food we can all produce. And it’s all in the name of this unattainable ‘net zero’.

We don’t want a ‘just transition’ to a net zero future. We want no ‘transition’ at all! Food security and jobs are more important than any politician’s vanity project.

Hoping to see our friends and customers at Capel Dewi (Old School SA32 8AD) tomorrow 10th February 2024 and in Llanelli (SA15 3YB) on 17th Feb.

Pembrey St David’s Day Food & Drink Festival

Grey Alders Market Stall

Grey Alders Market Stall

We are excited to be attending this event for the first time. Visit the Grey Alders stall for flavour packed super-aged beef and mutton and our Tafod Teilo Farm Cider.

It’s a great opportunity for us to bring our great produce to a new, no doubt discerning, audience. We also hope to see all our friends and loyal customers there.

The dates are Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March. Each day starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm. Here is the link to the Pembrey Page. The site postcode for your SatNav is SA16 0EJ. .

Click here for all our meat and other produce.

Please pray for fine weather! All are welcome.

March 2019 Latest super-aged beef now cut up

Our latest beef carcase hung in the chiller for 56 days. Inside it's dark red and full of flavour and tenderness.

Our latest beef carcase hung in the chiller for 56 days. Inside it’s dark red and full of flavour and tenderness.

This is what a beef carcase looks like when you have aged it for 56 days – a full eight weeks! Surface moulds accumulate, none of which comes anywhere near the finished product. Instead, our butchers carefully turn it into steaks and roasting joints, with the not so tender cuts ending up as diced beef and minced beef. But when we say ‘not so tender’ those meat enzymes have been working away for all that time in the chiller, building in tenderness and depth of colour as well as superb flavour.

The famous Hanger Steak, cooked to perfection by Judy.

The famous Hanger Steak, cooked to perfection by Judy.

I spent some time with the guys as they were at their work. The skill of butchery is astonishing. ‘How long before you get the basics?’ I asked innocently. ‘About a year’, came the reply. And that’s just the basics.

We’ve been experimenting with quirky cuts from the fore-end. Cuts like Flat-iron Steaks (seriously). Not to mention the famous Hanger Steak, of which a cow yields only four. And Judy has just cooked two of those and they were so good the other two are earmarked so I’m sorry, not this time!

The plan is to be in Carmarthen Farmers Market Friday 22nd February and Llanelli Street Market Saturday 23rd February, weather permitting. (Looks good at the moment.)

We’ll have the cuts back next week, but meantime you can order a box of beef by clicking here.
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January 2019: New Year with the Celtic Saints 2018/19

We are here again thanking God for yet another very successful and sold out event. This was an opportunity to explore the world of the Celtic Saints, learn about their robust view of faith and life, and walk where they walked. This was faith-building and lots of fun. Pilgrims came from all over the country on the afternoon of Sunday 30th December 2018 some even coming back again for the second time (we must have gotten something right!!!). We tried to pray as they did and had plenty of delicious homemade good food too – says the cook (and the reviews!).

At Cilsant, where Saint Gwinnio built his retreat.

At Cilsant, where Saint Gwinnio built his retreat.

Monday 31st December 2018
On Monday 31st , after morning devotions and breakfast, we walked together on the very road travelled by our local Celtic saint Gwinio between his retreat at Cilsant and the site of his monastery at Llanwinio. God favoured us with cool enough weather for a lovely walk.For three-and-a-half miles we followed lanes, went through woodland, along valleys and up to the hill to Llanwinio itself, walking in the actual steps of the man of God fifteen hundred years ago. We also saw the spot where he lost his life by neglecting the 6th century travellers’ rule – ‘always go together’. It is said a healing golden spring – living waters – sprang from the ground his severed head touched.
Tuesday 1st January 2019
On Tuesday 1st after morning devotions and breakfast we ventured into Pembrokeshire and visited St. Govan’s Chapel which is concealed and almost on the beach at St Govan’s Head. It is said Govan escaped from pirates when the rock opened up. He hid in the cleft and founded a church in thanks to Almighty God. The current structure dates from the middle ages. In the afternoon, we motored to St. David’s to look around the cathedral close. We saw the stream the sixth-century evangelist stood in to pray. Dewi’s monastic order allowed fish once a week and no meat. They were a tough bunch, these Celtic Christians! We stayed for Evensong in the Cathedral, a service which goes back 500 years to the time of the Tudors and is based on services dating back to the time of the Celtic Saints.
Wednesday 2nd January 2019
On Wednesday 2nd we once again served breakfast before the pilgrims departed for home. Naturally we hope and pray everyone left blessed by their time walking in the footsteps of the Celtic Saints.
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October 2019 Llanelli Food & Drink Festival

Grey Alders super-aged meat stall at Llanelli Food & Drink Festival, surrounded by alcoholic refreshments!

Grey Alders super-aged meat stall at Llanelli Food & Drink Festival, surrounded by alcoholic refreshments!

We had a great day at the very first Llanelli Food & Drink Festival on Saturday 20th October 2018.

Lots of dear folks stopped for a chat and many bought individual cuts of our super-aged beef.

We were sandwiched between country wines on one side and beer from Bridgend on the other. Not a problem. You need something good to eat with all that to drink.

In fact there were some serious and discerning meat shoppers at the Festival and we sold out of all the individual cuts of 56-day-aged beef we brought along.

If you shared your contact details with us on the day, we’ll let you know by text or email as soon as more becomes available. If not, put your details in the pop-up which will appear when you leave this page.

You will so want to know when the super-aged mutton comes on stream …