Beef Denver Steak

Denver Steak comes from the forequarter, from the chuck primal to be precise.  Taken from the centre of the under blade, these inexpensive steaks are cut across the grain from a very tender muscle, the serratus ventralis. Located on the upper rib cage, in humans it is known as the ‘boxer’s muscle’ because it enables us to extend the arm and throw a punch. Cattle don’t do a lot of boxing, so the Denver Steak is very tender.

The steaks have no surrounding fat but a good amount of marbling and loads of super-aged beef flavour.  Best when cooked over high heat on the grill or in the pan.  Don’t overcook, but even if well done these will still be incredibly tender.

Fact: The word ‘Denver’ was just made up by someone.  Read all about it on this great US foodie website.

You can still keep those ‘steak knives’ in the drawer for this flavour-filled protein-packed delight.  Steaks range in weight but a 0.465kg pack gives you two steaks on average 8oz each.  Our Denver steak is £22.00 /kg (£9.98 /lb).

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Beef and Mutton from the Carmarthenshire hills

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Our Aim …

… is to bring you the best beef and mutton you will ever taste.  The secret is (1) older animals, (2) grass-feeding and (3) super-ageing after slaughter. We slaughter grass-fed ex-suckler heritage beef cows around five years of age.  Then we hang the carcase in the chiller for no fewer than fifty-six days.  At 56 days something extraordinary begins to happen.  The increase in tenderness is dramatic.  The taste becomes deeper and more complex.  The meat enzymes have done their work!  We begin to approach, if you will forgive the expression, ‘meatopia’.

Our Environment

Contrary to what you might hear, the environmental impact of raising sheep and cattle is low. Our animals hang out in fields during the summer and eat silage, harvested grass, in winter.  They are never ‘finished’ on grain in ‘feed-lots’.

After all, sheep and cattle are grazing animals.  Their digestive system, with its four stomachs, is far more complex than ours.  Ruminants are inefficient at digesting grain but perfectly-designed to extract every last ounce of nutrition out of grass and meadow flowers.  26% of the earth’s surface is pasture. Ruminants are prey animals whose purpose on this earth is to convert what we cannot eat (that’s grass!) slowly but surely into what we can – high-quality, high-protein muscle meat, packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Our Pricing

Our meat costs little more than what the supermarkets charge for their highest quality.  But the similarity ends there.  Our beef is twice as old and hung for twice as long as even the ‘best’ beef from the big firms.  Our older stock brings more flavour and our super-ageing delivers taste the ‘big boys’, with their need for throughput, can only dream of.

These days produce can be flown half-way round the world to satisfy modern food fads.  When you choose our super-aged beef or mutton, you know the animals have been well cared-for and you are buying local, from farm to fork, keeping those food miles to the bare minimum.  That’s why meat from Fferm Wernlwyd (Grey Alders) is the very best – and doesn’t cost the earth.

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