The Grey Alders video studio will benefit teachers, entrepreneurs, vloggers – and even poets.

The facility is fully laid out for ‘piece to camera’ work.
Anyone can come in, easily read a presentation or a piece of work straight to a camera, and go away with video files to edit.  Even an editing suite is available, and we can offer advice on making a professional-looking video ready to upload to your preferred video platform.

(Note: basic pricing is per hour.  Click ‘Free Collection’ at checkout. You will need to ring us to say what time of day you are coming and confirm what facilities you need, for how long.)

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Studio features include:

* Quiet rural location, no city sounds or neighbours.

* Either stone wall or black curtain backdrop, eliminating background distractions,

* Stool or chair seating, making you relaxed and enabling a comfortable delivery,

* Professional three-point lighting, providing exactly the right image,

* Broadcast-quality Sony HD three-camera set-up, so you can alternate between wide-angle, close-up and cut-away shots and make your video really professional,

* Teleprompter, if your piece is too long to memorise (you speak direct to the audience),

* High-quality Sony microphone system, to get a clear sound.

All you need to bring is yourself and your inspired work.  Having a friend to operate cameras will save money and be an encouragement.  If you are using our cameras, you also need to buy three 16GB (minimum) SD cards and bring them along.

Introductory Charges:
Studio Hire: £25.00 per hour (includes lighting).
Camera Hire: £25.00 per hour (if required: includes teleprompter and microphones).
Camera Operator: £25.00 per hour (if required).

* Adobe Premiere Elements Edit Suite.
Use of Editing Suite: £25.00 per hour.

This studio is going to benefit anyone who wants to bring their capabilities or their work to a greater audience.  You write your piece, record it, edit it, upload it and don’t forget to publicise it!


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