Ribeye Steak

Scroll down for information about our beef.

Scroll down for information about our beef.

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Beef Ribeye Steak from the Carmarthenshire hills

Here’s your wonderful Ribeye Steak!  Our aim is to bring you the best beef and mutton you will ever taste.  Our animals are fed all year round on grass, with no grain supplements.  Slow growth means a better joint of meat.  Wernlwyd (Eng: Grey Alders) is not certified organic but we employ organic principles.  Our pasture has not been reseeded for years, most of it for generations.  Over that time it has become naturalised with wild grasses and flowers.  That brings higher welfare and greatly improves quality.

Our beef

For the beef, we are looking at a minimum of five years of age before slaughter.  That’s twice as old as most beef around.  Not only that, but we hang each side of beef in the chiller for no less than fifty-six days. At that point something extraordinary begins to happen.  The increase in tenderness is dramatic.  The taste becomes deeper and more complex.  The meat enzymes have done their work! We begin to approach, if you will forgive the expression, ‘meatopia’.

Our Environment

You would expect meat this good to cost the earth.  Well, environmentally the impact is low.  The grass is growing by the grace of God.  Our sheep and our cattle are grazing animals.  Their digestive system is more complex than ours, designed to extract every last ounce of nutrition out of the grass and meadow flowers.  Metabolically they are converting that food slowly but surely into something for our table we can delight in.

Our Pricing

Our meat costs no more than what supermarkets charge for their highest quality.  But the similarity ends there.  Older stock means more flavour and longer hanging brings vastly improved taste. By buying direct from the farm, you know what you are eating has been well cared for.  And we know our customers appreciate the very best.

Our Ribeye Steak

Ribeye steak comes from the Forerib.  We sell it in a pack of two.  It is full of flavour and so tender you will not need a steak knife.  Joints range in weight but average at 0.485 per pack giving you two steaks on average 8oz each.  Our ribeye steak is £23.36/kg (£10.59/lb)  Please ask about delivery by phoning 07944 668809.  Or why not turn up to collect and see the farm?

Roasting joints, packs of Beef Mince, and boxes of beef and mutton are also separately available.


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